Do you want to cook the Top Secret Recipes of your Favorite Restaurants?

Do you want to cook the Top Secret Recipes of your Favorite Restaurants?
Easily Prepare the Famous Restaurant Recipes They Don't Want You to Know!

The same tasty, mouth-watering dishes for a fraction of the cost!

Lemon Bar
Onion Rings

Are you tired of spending your hard-earned cash going out multiple nights a week?  Do you wish that you could have the same great tastes and flavors of your favorite restaurant meals at home?What if you could cook these same recipes, at any time, and for a fraction of the cost? Now you can!Impress your friends and family with the restaurant meals they've come to know and love, at home! Your cooking will leave them astounded at your knowledge of the secret recipes of famous restaurants!

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Cookie Cookbook

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Bake scrumptious tasting cookies from over 200 Cookie Recipes from your new e-cookbook.  Chocolate chip, lemon bars, peanut brittle, snickerdoodles, sugar cookies, and more...they are all there!

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Are you tired of spending too much money when buying drinks out on the town? Make your favorites at home, 100 Beverage Recipes to choose from!  All your favorites, the White Russian, Screwdriver, 7&7, Jolly Rancher, and many more!
Low - Carb Cookbook

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